Richard Danbury qualified as a barrister (trial advocate) and practiced briefly at 9-12 Bell Yard in criminal law. (He no longer practises, so is not able to exercise any rights as a barrister, and is not subject to the rules that practising barristers have to obey.)  He then spent a decade or so as a broadcast journalist at the BBC, working on programmes such as Newsnight and Panorama, and in 2010 was the Deputy Editor of the BBC’s Prime Ministerial Debate programme. He completed his doctoral thesis at Oxford on special treatment of institutional journalism in English law, having been supervised by Dr Alison Young. He is a media law trainer for the BBC, and is the mentor on Channel 4’s Investigative Journalism Training Scheme.

Richard is currently working on Ranking Digital Rights, a project to develop a methodology to rank the world’s major information and communications technology companies on policies and practices related to free expression and privacy.  More information can be found here: