Clara Voyvodic is a Reserach Assistant, currently in her 3rd year of PhD studies in International Relations in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford. Her current research for her doctoral degree is on the impact of large-scale infrastructure on local governance by non-state armed groups in Colombia. She works as a PCMLP research assistant on the relationship between innovation and technology and customary and non-state law.

She holds an Msc in Transnational Crime, Justice, and Security from the University of Glasgow for which she was a Carnegie Scholar. She also worked as a research assistant at the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research. Prior to coming to Oxford, Clara had worked at Interpol in Lyon, France. Her research interests include development and security, extralegal and non-state forms of governance, armed groups, organized criminal networks, and illicit economies. She is also interested in qualitative methods and ethics in fieldwork in conflict and contentious areas.