OX/BER Research Partnership Seed Funding

Nicole Stremlau (Head of PCMLP, University of Oxford) and Martin Emmer (Freie Universität Berlin), in collaboration with Roxana Radu and Giovanni de Gregorio, have been awarded the Oxford-Berlin Research Partnership seed funding for their project ‘Hate Speech and Disinformation in Comparative Perspective’, to be conducted from November 2019 to December 2020.

The project aims to unpack the ways in which disinformation is threatening our societies. From the US to India and Brazil, global challenges arise around the misuse of the Internet to distribute massive amounts of deliberately false information and hate speech. As some of the disinformation debates begin to mature, it is clear that a fresh, comparative approach is needed to explore structural dynamics at the intersection of the technological, legal, political, economic and societal effects. This seed project will begin to identify and explore some of the key areas around the regulation and governance of disinformation and hate speech that can inform policy and theoretical perspectives while moving the field forward. It will serve as the basis for longer-term deeper collaboration and, while our discussions will start broad, we anticipate that at the end of the seed project we will have several clusters of research that can be pursued as part of grant applications of various sizes.

The announcement of the award is available at Berlin University Alliance website.