The journey of a refugee from Guinea.


I ran away from Guinea when I was 16 years old. In my country I could no longer stay, my family was persecuted for political reasons. From Guinea I arrived in Mali, Niger and then in Libya. I traveled like thousands of other migrants, relying on traffickers. In Libya I paid to get on a ship, so the traffickers had told me, but when we got to the beach there was only a small rubber boat. I didn’t want to leave, I was afraid of drowning. The traffickers forced me to go upstairs. We were 80 on that little boat. Three days of sailing before meeting a ship that rescued and rescued us. Arriving in Italy, in Sicily, I realized that I had made it. I was 17 years old. Today I am a refugee in Italy. It was not easy to be alone in a foreign country. I feel a lot of nostalgia for those who stayed in Guinea.

M., refugee from Guinea