We are part of the European Union FP7 project on Media, Conflict and Democratisation, which explores the role of media around a range of events and issues including: transitional justice, elections, and marginalized communities. We are coordinating the research team in Kenya (additional country case studies include South Africa, Egypt and Serbia) and in 2016 we will also be leading the research stream on government communication. Further information about MeCoDEM can be found on the project website.

As part of a Carnegie Corporation-funded project on ICTs, Peacebuilding and Statebuilding PCMLP has been working with researchers in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. As part of this project, several workshops have been convened in Kenya and Oxford, bringing together researchers from the region. An edited collection of researchers involved in the network is forthcoming in a special edition of Stability: The Journal of International Development and Security.

PCMLP, particularly though the continued work of Nicole Stremlau, remains engaged with research in the Somali territories. We have an ongoing research project looking at the growth and regulation of new communications technologies; the role of call-in radio programmes in governance; and the politics and process of making media and communications legislation. Our research has been funded by a number of organizations including the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the United Nations/African Union Information Support Team.