Mariyana Toseva graduated this year from the comparative B.C.L./LL.B. law program of McGill University, Montreal, and is planning to pursue graduate studies. She developed an interest in media law as an intern at a law firm and pursued it through several academic projects. One of her research papers focused on the role of media regulation and self-regulation in the fight against discrimination of the Roma in her home country, Bulgaria. This year, she analyzed Canadian hatespeech legislation and examined the right of reply from a comparative perspective as an alternative to collective civil redress for group defamation.

She is eager to learn about new facets of media law as well as engage in comparative law and policy research. She is particularly interested in freedom of the media in developing democracies, regulatory models, regulation of internet content, media and privacy, defamation. Mariyana is also currently working on a part-time basis as Communications Intern for the Council for International Media Ethics (CIME).