Joint workshop with the Centre de Recherché en Information et Communication, ULB

The workshop gathers researchers working on the interaction between media and politics in Africa. More specifically, it builds bridges between Francophone and Anglophone researchers exploring the role of the media in different cultural regions of the continent, as the media systems, journalists’ practices or the economy of the sector show some striking contrasts, from one place to the other. The colonial legacy still has a strong impact on, for instance, the language used by the newspapers, the organization of the broadcasting sector and the involvement of the state in shaping the internet and new media.

The discussion will focus on key issues around elections and conflicts. Whenever possible contemporary papers and analyses will be mixed with more historical approaches. The workshop will seek to focus on historical trajectories and the political ideas and ideologies that have shaped the development of media. Countries to be discussed include Ethiopia, the DRC, Zambia, Kenya, South Africa and Burundi.