A launch workshop by Oxford Transitional Justice Research (OTJR) and Fondation Hirondelle for a new online platform justiceinfo.net. The workshop aims at developing a better understanding of what role different media can play to inform the practice and policy-making of TJ processes. We are particularly interested in exploring the complex relationship between academic research, the practices of TJ institutions and the media.

For this purpose, this international workshop will bring together journalists, academics and TJ practitioners to discuss the following questions: 

–          In what ways can media influence transitional justice policy-making and practice?

–          How can innovative media tools be used to inform different audiences about global, national and local TJ processes?

–          What are the challenges for independent media coverage and analysis in volatile conflict- and post-conflict settings and how can they be addressed?

–          What are possible pathways to an effective collaboration between academia, TJ institutions and media?

–          How can JusticeInfo.Net be tailored in terms of content, format and methodology to address the needs of affected communities and to empower local media?

 If you would like to attend the workshop please RSVP to Elena Butti (Elena.Butti@law.ox.ac.uk) by 15 June 2015. 

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