This seminar will explore technology and regulation in the Somali territories of the Horn of Africa. Despite weak or non-existent government institutions, innovation has flourished with local solutions to local challenges. Money transfer companies have been leading the expansion and investments in ICT development. Mobile banking, inexpensive internet connection, and dozens of media outlets are an unexpected reality in this war-torn region. How are ICTs regulated and the role of the private sector in ICT development, will be explored.

Speaker: Mr Abdirashid Duale, CEO of Dahabshiil

Mr Abdirashid Duale is a British-Somali entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the CEO of the multinational enterprise, Dahabshiil. In September 2012 he was cited by the Africa Report to be among the “50 most influential Africans”. Abdirashid joined his father in the business prior to the outbreak of civil strife in Somalia in 1988, when they were forced to flee the country and make a fresh start. With limited resources and a strong network of contacts they rebuilt their business into one of the largest international money transfer companies in Africa. Abdirashid has worked on expanding Dahabshiil’s reach into new markets and today Dahabshiil employs more than 2,000 people worldwide and has branches in 144 countries spread across five continents.