The internet and other new technologies are rapidly and irreversibly changing global media environmentspresenting enormous challenges for building policies that both understand the scope of new technologies likeartificial intelligence, biometrics, and social media, and can adequately protect the rights of the media andpeople using them. With the arrival of Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation and social mediagiants like Facebook and Google being brought to testify before Congress in the Unites States, the last yearhas shown just how urgent it is to make sense of how our online media lives should and should not begoverned. Previousthemes included: internet shutdowns, algorithmic bias and inequality, innovative effortsto connect the unconnected, biometric technology, extreme speech online.


Celebrating 20 years, the Media Policy Summer Institute has brought together top early career scholars(including advanced PhD students, post-docs and lecturers), media lawyers and regulators, human rightsactivists, and policymakers from countries around the world to discuss the effects oftechnology, media, and policy from a global and multidisciplinary perspective. Participants take part in anintensive and interdisciplinary two-week program in Oxford that blends expert instruction with participatoryactivity, group work, and discussion. With 30 participants each year, hailing from more than 20 countries, theMedia Policy Summer Institute has long offered participants unrivalled exposure to the diverse experiences ofits global participants as well as a uniquely informed comparative view of their different media and digitalenvironments. The Institute’s alumni are an exceptional and vibrant group who stay engaged and collaboratewell past the end of the 2-week Summer Institute through the active alumni network. Many go on to becomeleaders at top government agencies, corporations, non-profits, and academic institutions around the world.

IN OXFORD: 3-14 August 2020

Enjoy a full immersion in the academic environment of the oldest university in the English-speaking world, inthe company of colleagues and experts from various continents!