For the last several years, PCMLP has been leading several initiatives focusing on media law and policy in China.   Dr Rogier Creemers regularly publishes and gives public lectures on this topic, some of which can also be found on the China Copyright and Media blog.

PCMLP holds an annual media law moot court event with the School of Law at Renmin University.  This event brings together universities and media lawyers from across China to debate cutting-edge issues in media law and policy.  Seminars and workshops are often attached to the event, including the annual Oxford-Stanford-Peking Internet Law and Policy Conference.

Our research in China has been supported by a variety of sources, including the European Union and the Rubicon Foundation.  The support from the European Union’s Initiative for the Defence of Human Rights, in collaboration with Peking University, Renmin University and the Great Britain China Centre, facilitated a number of workshops in Oxford and China, training of judges, publications and a website bringing together a network of universities and academics working on this area in China.