The Semester Law School Visitors Programme

The Programme has worked with several US law schools, including Cornell, Yale, Santa Clara, and the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law to provide a semester credit opportunity, approved by the ABA, for intensive research and seminar work in comparative media law and policy.

Students initially contact the Programme for information, and then must arrange for credit with their home law school. The student remains enrolled in his or her home school and the school applies to the ABA for approval for the arrangement. Under the ABA’s current rules, no law school can send more than four students to the Programme at one time.

Students in this programme attend seminar series of the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, engage in supervised research and take advantage of lectures and other resources in Oxford in a planned and scheduled manner. The Programme provides supervision, but the results are ungraded, and credit is furnished wholly by the home institution. The Programme can provide guidance as to the preparation of applications for the ABA.

This opportunity is excellent for self-motivated students interested in comparative media law and policy, particularly those who have or wish to have a research agenda. For further information, please contact the Programme Administrator.