The Academic Visitors Programme

PCMLP strongly benefits from its location at the University of Oxford and the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies. The University provides an environment in which modern issues of communications and technology change can be seen in historical and geopolitical perspective. The University provides a formal structure and is an important destination for scholars and researchers internationally, and PCMLP welcomes academic visitors for periods of one month to one year who wish to contribute to and participate in the ongoing research activity of the programme. If you wish to visit PCMLP, the first step is to make a formal application through the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies Visitors Programme. Full details of how to apply can be found here. Please note that this application should be made at least one full term in advance of your visit.

The Visiting Student Programme

If you feel that the Visitors Programme is not for you but are still interested in seeing what we do at PCMLP, we also operate a Visiting Student Programme which is mainly aimed at post-graduate students or young media professionals. You should be available to come  for a period of 1 to 3 months, and should have sufficient funding to cover your expenses. Desk space is provided and it is an opportunity to gain work and research experience among a friendly international group of scholars. If you wish to apply for a Visiting Studentship, please follow the instructions here.