Dr Eleanor Marchant will be giving a talk titled “The limits and possibilities of African entrepreneurial storytelling” at The Digital | Economy | Africa Conference in Johannesburg.

The Digital | Economy | Africa Conference takes place March 27-28, 2019 at the School of Tourism and Hospitality, University of Johannesburg. The conference will bring together key international experts and stakeholders who can speak to the themes of digital entrepreneurship, digital jobs/gig work, information economy, innovation hubs, and the changing geographies of information economy on the African continent. In doing so, it will:

  1. Generate a discussion on the potentials and realities of African digital economies
  2. Bridge information gaps among key stakeholders through the exchange of knowledge between researchers, the public, and local communities
  3. Provide policy-makers with empirical evidence relating to digital development goals
  4. Share findings with stakeholders about the ways in which risks can be tackled and economic opportunities can be harnessed
  5. Encourage public engagement with research for collaboration, co-design, and development of future projects on issues of digital development

This conference brings together scholars, policy-makers, and key representatives from industry and civil society representing East, West, North, and Southern Africa for two days over talks, lectures, presentations, and panel discussion. These perspectives will be augmented by a select number of international experts, and key findings from the University of Oxford’s Geonet research project.