Event Information:

  • Studying and Visiting

As part of CSLS, PCMLP welcomes applications from academics, students and practitioners who wish to spend some time at the Programme. Applicants generally fall into one of the categories listed below:

Studying for a Research degree at Oxford

This would be appropriate if you wish to carry out research in a field related to media law and policy; you have obtained an undergraduate qualification and wish to continue towards a masters or higher qualification.

Studying for one term on the semester programme

If you are currently a second or third year student at an American Law School and wish to take a research semester at Oxford, attending classes and working on a research project at PCMLP.

Academic visitors programme

If you are a fully qualified academic or practitioner in an area related to media law and you wish to spend some time at PCMLP working on your academic research.

Internship programme

If you are currently an undergraduate or postgraduate student, or a practitioner in the early stages of your career; if you have interests in the research agenda of PCMLP and want to gain some experience working at the Programme.