Event Information:

  • Fri

    Mastering the Barrel of the Gun: Can the Party Modernise the PLA Without Losing Control?

    Lecture Theatre, Manor Road Building

    A Roundtable Discussion organised by PCMLP and the Oxford University China Centre

    John Garnaut (Fairfax Media)
    James Barker (British Embassy in Beijing)
    Rana Mitter (Oxford University)
    Chair: Ross Garnaut

    Questions about military affairs have had an irreplaceable role in Chinese political developments since the late days of the Qing Dynasty. Military modernization was seen as a vital part in strengthening the nation, but at the same time, military power has often been used to decide domestic political questions. This ambiguous position concerning the military persists until the present day.

    All are welcome, no registration is necessary, the event will be followed by wine and nibbles. For more information, please contact Dr Rogier Creemers (convener), rogier.creemers@csls.ox.ac.uk.