Event Information:

  • Wed

    China's Media and Cultural Sphere

    Seminar Room D, Manor Road Building

    Much attention has been paid in recent years to the development of media and culture in China.  Often, however, this discussion is limited towards particular topics, including politics, protest and censorship.  At the same time, Chinese culture and media are developing - and often flourishing - in ways that remain less clear to outside observers.  Emerging phenomena such as online literature, mobile content and "self-media" are reshaping economic and social aspects of media and culture, often in unexpected ways.  This seminar benefits from the participation of a number of distinguished scholars from Zhejiang University's Department of Communication and International Culture, who will give us a better sense of important, bottom-up media and culture evolutions occurring in the China of today.

    Wu Fei, Dean, Media and International Culture College, Zhejiang University
    Fan Zhizhong, Dean, Visual Arts and New Media Department, Zhejiang University
    Wei Lu, Assistant Dean, Media and International Culture College
    Jin Lian, Assistant Dean, Media and International Culture College
    Li Hongtao, Associate Professor, Media and International Culture College

    All are welcome, no registration is required. For more information, please contact Dr. Rogier Creemers, Convener (rogier.creemers@csls.ox.ac.uk)