The annual Institute brings together young scholars and regulators from around the world to discuss important recent trends in technology, international politics and development and its influence on media policy.

This year there will be a significant focus on media regulation and strategic communication in crisis environments from Sudan to Somalia, to Iraq. There will be sessions on freedom of information, public diplomacy, media and economic and social development and the history of information transitions.

At the same time, the successful curriculum that has been the foundation of the institute over the years will continue, with sessions ranging from global issues of internet regulation to satellite delivery of information. Part of the course will be devoted to new developments in comparative approaches to regulation, looking at Ofcom in the UK and other agencies, including examples from the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The seminar brings a wide range of participants from around the globe together and provides them with an environment in which significant policy issues are seriously discussed. The richness of the experience comes from exposure to a variety of speakers and from the discussions among participants themselves.

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