Satish Deshpande

Trained in the disciplines of economics and sociology, Satish Deshpande is Professor in the Department of Sociology at the Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University. 
He has taught economics at St. Stephen's College, Delhi; has been on the faculty of the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi, and the University of Hyderabad; and has held visiting appointments at the University of Chicago and the University of California. 
He is the author of Contemporary India: A Sociological View (Penguin 2003); co-author of Untouchability in Rural India (Sage 2006); and the co-editor of Anthropology in the East: Founders of Indian Sociology and Social Anthropology (Permanent Black 2007). He has authored a report on Dalits in the Muslim and Christian Communites for the National Commission on Minorities, and was part of the seven member committee that designed the Equal Opportunity Commission proposed by the Government of India.
His areas of interest include caste and class inequalities; the theory and practice of social justice; the history and politics of the social sciences; South-South intellectual interactions; and issues in social science teaching, specially in Indian languages.

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