Rogier Creemers

Dr Rogier Creemers is a post-doctoral research officer at the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy. On the basis of his background in Chinese Studies and International Relations, he wrote a Ph.D. thesis on the relationship between media piracy in China, intellectual property law and media regulation, and globalization. His main research interests include the nexus between media policy and political change in China, with a particular focus on the processes of cooptation and confrontation between the vested regime and potential challengers.


MA (Sinology, Leuven, 2004)

MA (International Relations and Conflict Management, Leuven, 2005)

Ph.D. (Maastricht University, expected 2012).

Current projects:

China Media Laa

Core research interests:

China media law and policy
Law, social and political change
Moral foundations of political philosophy
The role of media in shaping political outcomes
Political Ideology and communication
Communication and culture


Creemers, Rogier, Cultural Products and the WTO: China ‘s Domestic Censorship and Media Control Policies, in Farah, Paolo (ed.), Non-Trade Concerns, China and the WTO (forthcoming).
Creemers, Rogier, Heringa, Aalt Willem, The Future of Legal Teaching in China: A European Perspective. Beijing, Renmin University, Paper for the Second 21st Century International Forum of Law School Deans and Jurists (2010).
Creemers, Rogier, The Effects of WTO Case DS362 on Audiovisual Media Piracy in China, EIPR (31)11 (2009)
Kamperman Sanders, Anselm; Creemers, Rogier, WTO’s toenemende rol in normering van de intellectuele eigendom?Intellectuele Eigendom & Reclamerecht, 25(4), 173-176 (The Increasing Role of the WTO in Intellectual Property Norm-setting)

Contributions to:
IPR2 Report Online Infringement of Copyright – Leading Chinese Cases 1999-2009 (section on regulation of on-line media distribution and copyright aspects)
European Parliament, Directorate General for External Policies Report EU and China: Unbalanced Trade (sections on the EU trade policy on China, trade relations and monetary policies, the Chinese bilateral and plurilateral trading agreements, intellectual property protection in China)